Reading, Writing, Reps, 14/01/17

Reading and writing

Although I didn’t do any actual doctoral reading or writing today, I did spend a good part of the day switching my reference management tool from Paperpile back to Zotero, so I’ll count it as meeting my goal. I found a reasonably efficient way to do export my .pdfs out of Paperpile and into Zotero, but it did require a fair bit of manual editing. I’ll write a post about why I made the switch back in the next week or so.


A moderate intensity kettlebell day today, following Dan John’s creatively named Buttburner 4000. With my 20kg kettlebell:

  • 1 goblet squat, 1 Bulgarian goat-bag swing
  • 2 goblet squats, 2 BGB swings
  • 3 goblet squats, 3 BGB swings
  • 4 goblet squats, 4 BGB swings
  • 5 goblet squats, 5 BGB swings

All that is done without pause or putting the KB down. I did three rounds, for a total of 45 reps of each exercise. Just enough to get a light sweat up.


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